Please feel free to browse around for any information that you may wish to know about our gallery, methodologies and artworks. Our archives are up-to-date and complete with information regarding the purchasing and maintenance of every art piece. We would also be glad to communicate with you for any personal or unlisted topics here. Please refer to the FAQ as a formal guide to acquiring, reserving and caring for your pieces.

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Browse around for any information regarding our gallery, methodologies and artworks. We would also be glad to communicate via correspondence here. Please refer to the FAQ as a guide for acquiring, reserving and caring for your art.

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Sculpture Condition, Maintenance and Quality

Each sculpture is an artwork designed solely by the artist, Kylo Chua. Techniques, media, creation time and conditions for sculptures may vary between different pieces, especially those dated from different years. Despite the precision and artistry involved, the methodologies used should not be compared to any proprietary mass production factory processes, with regards to both finishing and consistency. Please do not expect scratchless or fully impeccable surfaces, crevices or details. These are unique, one-off, single creations, or limited editions that are sculpted with a great degree of personalisation and aesthetic care by the artist with the select tools, media and techniques of his choice during a certain period of time. As a disclaimer, minor imperfections, relative to the taste of different viewers, will always be present, as with any other original artwork in any art gallery.

All art pieces unless otherwise indicated are fine indoor sculptures that must be cared for accordingly. Do not subject to rain and other possibly damaging environmental conditions. Buffing compound can be applied and rubbed along the exterior to polish the lacquer coating for cast marble pieces.

Purchasing a Sculpture from the Online Gallery

Our online gallery functions as an art-buying platform much like our fixed gallery. You can avail of our different features such as: purchasing sculptures to be shipped to your very doorstep or commissioning primed artwork to match your personal insight and ideas. We make use of only the international front-runers in the business of secure, online payments. Likewise, bank transfers or services like those offered by Western Union are also accepted (give regular conditions of purchase).

Shipping and Handling

We ship our sculptures for free worldwide with fast and able couriers. We don't currently ship with any small or unknown shipping companies (or with risky transportation classes), only with established names in the business so we can guarantee the quality of service our customers are expecting. If possible, our gallery staff makes certain that sculptures ship straight to your doorstep, eliminating the need for pick-up point hassles on your part. This does not always apply for recipients from countries with certain legal restrictions for the importation of products noted to have high value, size limits or weight standards. In any case, packaging ensures optimum condition and quality preservation as stated in the above section: "Sculpture Maintenance, Condition and Quality."

Reserving a Sculpture from the Online Gallery

We know how difficult it is for collectors to decide on certain artworks, be it from the same gallery or a different one. With this in mind, our curators do accept reservations for artworks online (manually) which allows you to reserve a piece that you want for up to two months without paying its full price. During this period, we will put your selected sculpture off our shelf (if its a non-limited ed.) or reduce the website quantity by 1 unit (if its a limited ed.) When you do decide to purchase the sculpture, you merely have to email us of your intention. The reservation fee you previously paid will be deducted from the total cost of the artwork when we send you the invoice. Unfortunately, if you decide not to purchase it after the two month period, the reservation fee will not be refunded.

If you wish to reserve a sculpture, please let your intention be known to us by emailing us at When you do so, email the name of the piece, your own name, and your full message. The artist will be able to coordinate with you and once he confirms your intention- can send you an invoice for the reservation fee (10% of total price). You can pay this invoice via credit card or paypal online using the link that will be sent with the invoice.

Clarifications on reserving: A reserved piece does not mean that the particular sculpture belongs to the client. It only means that the client has sole buying rights for the next two months. After the duration is finished, the gallery resumes the right to sell to anybody worldwide (if artwork is not acquired by the client) and the original reservation fee will be forfeited by the client.

Our Privacy Policy and Information Security

We keep all your contact information and important correspondence details private. All online payment information will be processed by one of our gallery's international payment gateways, which each provide excellent encryption capabilities for your transaction requirements. All conversations between gallery staff and private parties will remain bewteen them unless otherwise instructed or specified.

A priority in privacy and security are neccessary when dealing with transactions involving fine art and sculpture.

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